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What is Skilled US?

Skilled US is a tuition-free program committed to helping you achieve your career and financial goals.

Is Skilled US free?

Yes, our job training program is tuition-free for all participants.

Do I need a High School Diploma to apply?

Most of our training partners require a High School Diploma or GED, but we also have resources to assist you in obtaining these credentials if you don’t possess them. Once you speak with a Skilled US representative, they will review your options with you.

How old do you have to be to apply at Skilled US?

The minimum age limit to apply for our program is 17 years old before the first day of classes.

I have a family I support and other commitments. Will I be able to support my family, honor those other commitments and attend classes at the same time?

Yes, many of our students have children or family members they support. Our team will work with you to find the resources to help you plan for your family support needs so that you can be successful at  Skilled US.

When is the next application deadline?

We begin a new cohort approximately every three months, so sign up today.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of my program?

While we can’t guarantee anyone a job, we have a dedicated team that is committed to helping you get a job after successfully completing the program.

How do I apply to Skilled US?

Step one is to apply online. Once you’ve completed and submitted your application, you’ll receive an email to set up a virtual interview with someone from the Skilled US team. It’s that easy! 

What courses does Skilled US offer?

Our training offerings and career tracks vary by location, and may change each cycle, depending on the needs of our corporate partners. After applying to Skilled US, a staff member will go over the career pathways that are available.

What if I have a criminal background? Can I still apply to Skilled US?

Yes. While many employers/internship sites do require a background check, there are some alternative options. When you connect with a Skilled US representative, they will talk to you in more detail about the requirements of each career pathway and which jobs are the best match for your situation.

Skilled US is a great resource for others to improve their life!

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