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We recruit, train, and place candidates in high-demand roles across a range of sectors and professions, including Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Health & Life Sciences, and Supply Chain Logistics. 

The Launch HOPE Foundation is proud to be an enthusiastic supporter of Skilled US and honored to provide services in the Entrepreneurship Career Pathway for adults enrolled in the Skilled US program.

Kristi Mitchell – Executive Director
Launch HOPE Foundation

How Partnering with US Makes a Difference

How We Solve Talent Scarcity

Skilled US offers a reliable pipeline of highly skilled talent who are trained thoroughly to effectively meet demand. Our intensive skills training programs provide the coursework to master technical skills in high-demand industries while also developing strong professionalism.

Our candidates come out of our program credentialed and ready to serve. 

How We Solve High Turnover

Managing churn and preserving your investment of time in new employees is important. We make sure that our graduates develop the soft skills to stay for the long-haul.

We work with our students during and after program completion with strong mentorship to ensure they are prepared for every facet of their new career. 

How We Support Community Revitalization

We provide adult learners with the skills, experience, support, and network needed to realize their full learning and earning potential. Our program prioritizes industries that offer promising careers with competitive salaries creating more income flow and a positive impact on the local economy. Communities that might otherwise be considered low-income, now have an opportunity to become stronger and more stable.

Our Partners

We partner with trainers and employers to bridge the gap between our community and tremendous earning opportunities!

Are You Ready to Partner with US?

Recruiting strong talent is hard. Skilled US can make it easier for you! Partner with us.
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